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Tips and Advice from the Blog

Showing articles for: September 2020


Benefits of Aerating your Pond

Is your pond suffering from poor water quality? Do you face constant green water or odours? Do you have any fish dying or mosquito's breeding in you pond? It might be that you are suffering from a lack of aeration.


Filters & Their Maintenance

A guide to the different types of filters available and how to care for them.


Why is my Pump under-performing?

Pondkeeper Hints and tips on what to do if you think your pond pump flow is not working correctly


Customer Top Tips Round Up

We have compiled a list of our favourite top tips but I have to stress that we haven’t tested them out so if you choose to try them, it is at your own risk!


Cloudy Water

Cloudy Water can be a sign of decaying organic debris in the pond; there are a few simple solutions which can fix this.


Pond Plants

Plants are a fantastic way to improve the aesthetics and water quality of your pond!

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Tips and Advice from the Blog

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