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How to Remove Chlorine from your Pond

Chlorine is a dangerous chemical for fish, alongside any Chloramines that are in your water. You will need to remove these chemicals before you put fish into your pond.


Pond Liner Guarantees and Repairs

A faulty liner can be easily repaired. Check to see where the fault is, check your guarantee and find out if the fault can be repaired.


Pest Deterrents - How To Protect Your Fish From Predators

Here are some simple ways to keep predators away from your fish.


Filters & Their Maintenance

A guide to the different types of filters available and how to care for them.


Koi Ponds

FAQ about keeping koi


Pond Electrics

You may have been a little baffled when setting up your first pond pump or filter. Here, we explain why your pump will not arrive with a plug and we also explain how to calculate the total running costs of your pond equipment.



What is a pond skimmer?


Filtration: The Stages of Filtration

What are the different types of filtration (UV, mechanical and biological)? Can I filter large lakes? What does a filter system add to my pond?



How do I convert feet to metres?


Pond Liners and Underlay

Do I need a pond liner? What kind of liners are there? What sort of underlay would be best? Here, you can view all of the liner characteristics, guarantees and tips.


General Fish Information

How do I calculate the volume of my pond? How many fish can I have in a pond? What if the fish look like they have a disease?

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