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Pond Problems

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Green Water and Slimy Algae

Green water is a problem that many pond keepers have to deal with, especially in the summer months. Algae can form fur-like growths on logs, rocks, and on the sides of the liner. These can feel slimy, cottony, or coarse.


Blanketweed: How To Keep It At Bay

You may be new to pond keeping or your pond may be in its twentieth year, but all of a sudden you might start to notice Blanket Weed invading your pond.


Pond Sludge: How to Prevent and Treat It

Sludge in a pond is a natural form of decaying organic debris. But if your pond has accumulated too much sludge, it can cause toxicity within the pond which can cause a whole host of other problems. So it is best to prevent the sludge from forming.


New Pond Syndrome

Are you experiencing problems with a new pond? You may be experiencing New Pond Syndrome


Water Quality

Here are some handy tips to ensure that your pond always has good quality water in it; for the benefit of your fish and the aesthetics.


Foamy Water

Does your pond have foam on the surface? It may be a sign of something wrong! Luckily, it can be easy to investigate and treat.


Duckweed: How to Remove and Prevent it

Duckweed can be beneficial in controlled amounts, but deadly to a ponds ecosystem when it is uncontrolled.


Cloudy Water

Cloudy Water can be a sign of decaying organic debris in the pond; there are a few simple solutions which can fix this.


Black Water

Is your pond going black? This is a sign that your pond needs attention.


Diagnosing Your Fish

Is your Fish showing symptoms of an illness? Please check here for symptoms, information and various treatments for problems that fish may face.


Brown Water

Brown water can be notoriously difficult to clear. It is mainly caused by loose soil or tannins in the water. Below are a few tips for how to diagnose brown water!



How can I get rid of my Blanketweed?


Duckweed: Friend or Foe?

If you have experienced Duckweed in your pond then you may feel quite passionately about how much of a nuisance it can become over time. Once introduced it becomes very tricky to remove, so if you have experienced it once then you are probably still experiencing it! We regularly meet pond keepers desperate to rid their ponds of the tiny green plants, but from time to time we also meet individuals that want to introduce it to their pond environment.

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