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Aerating your Pond in Autumn and Winter

As we move into Autumn and the start of Winter, you should start your preparations to keep your pond healthy until Spring. Purchasing an Air Pump will go a long way to preventing problems and keeping your pond healthy.


Aerating Your Pond In Summer

A lack of aeration can be bad in normal times; but the increased heat in the summer can make these problems much worse.


Benefits of Aerating your Pond

Is your pond suffering from poor water quality? Do you face constant green water or odours? Do you have any fish dying or mosquito's breeding in you pond? It might be that you are suffering from a lack of aeration.


How to Oxygenate a Pond

Oxygen is essential to all life in the pond especially fish. Oxygen will always exist in a pond but it can disappear very quickly in summer. Here are some ideas to introduce more air into your pond

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