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2017 Customer Top Tips Round Up

19 September 2017
2017 Customer Top Tips Round Up
This season we have served a multitude of customers in our shop. Some have travelled miles from opposite sides of the UK, others have called in on their way to Scotland and Northumberland for holidays, while our friendly locals have continued to visit us. One of the most interesting parts of serving in the shop is hearing the fascinating tips that customers have picked up and developed over their years of pond keeping.

I’ve compiled a list of my favourite top tips but I have to stress that we haven’t tested them out so if you choose to try them, it is at your own risk!


                        haron in pond


Tip 1: To stop a heron visiting, put a radio on a timer in the garden so that it will turn on intermittently. 

Tip 2: Train your Koi to eat from your hand by rubbing garlic on your finger tips just before you feed them.

Tip 3: When you replace your UV Bulb write the date on the box and keep it in a safe place. That way you will have a record to work out when it needs to be replaced but you will also have the size of the bulb you need to buy. 

Tip 4: Teach your Koi to come out of the water by suspending a dog biscuit just above the surface and eventually the curious/ hungry fish will swim up to eat it




Tip 5: If your pump keeps getting clogged with debris, stretch a pair of tights over the strainer cage to add a finer level of filtration.

Tip 6: Koi love to eat and if you drop a lettuce or peas into your pond they will nibble away on them as a snack.  

Tip 7: If you have a problem with leaches in your pond, put some chicken into an old coffee can with holes in. The leaches will go into the can and then you can remove them from the pond.



Tip 8: If your hosetail is leaking slightly use some Vaseline around the connection to stop the leak.

Tip 9: If you’re trying to find a hole in your liner, pour a glass of milk into your pond and it will spiral towards the hole.  


             Tennis ball on pond surface to stop freezing


Tip 10: When the weather begins to freeze your pond, leave a tennis ball on the surface to stop it from freezing completely.


If you have any top tips of your own then we would love to share them. Please email and we will add them to the list.





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