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Water Features

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Winter Wildlife Sanctuaries

It may be quiet at winter in your garden, but you can still attract a wide range of wildlife to your pond in the colder months of the year.


The Importance of Wildlife Ponds and How To Build One

Why not update your garden with a small wildlife pond? These encourage natural wildlife by providing a safe space to rest, breed and eat. They are a wonderful addition to any garden.


How To Create A Custom Waterfall

Creating your own waterfall can give you an interesting focal to your pond while providing an array of other benefits.


Pondless Water Features

Pondless Water Features are fantastic ways to get the sound of running water and creating a focal point in your pond without having a pond and the normal maintenance.


All you need to know about Waterfalls

A waterfall is a very simple and effective water feature that adds a relaxing sound, acts as a focal point, provides water movement and aerates the pond.


Water Features

Should I have a water feature in my pond?


Six DIY Water Features

If you’re feeling creative then these six DIY water feature ideas may ignite your imagination into dreaming up your own one of a kind water feature. You'll find a handy suggestion of products towards the end of the post to help your designs become reality.


Support your local wildlife - build a pond with pond liners

A pond or open expanse of water should be part of any good garden design. A pond liner pond is very easy to create, looks stunning and helps the environment.

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