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Tips and Advice from the Blog


January and February Pond Care

Here we have outlined some key maintenance tips for your pond in January.


Why is my Pond losing water?

Water loss might be a cause for concern; but in most cases, it can be easily resolved. 


Why isn't my pond clearing?

There could be several reasons why your pond isn’t clearing, even if you’ve used treatments. See below for some hints and tips!


How to manage Pond kH levels

Are you actively maintaining the kH of your pond? It's something that is normally forgotten about, but it is a key part of keeping your pond healthy.


Why do chemicals in the Pond fluctuate?

Natural processes in your pond may cause your pond balance to fluctuate; here we have outlined some of these events and what to do about them.


How a Pond can Benefit your Allotment

Ponds can certainly help to improve your allotment; from reducing stress, acting as a water storage and helping your local environment.


How to Treat and Prevent a pH Problem

Struggling to control the pH of your pond? It can be difficult, but we have put together some tips that you may find useful!


5 Avoidable Pond Liner Mistakes

Here we have provided a few tips on what to avoid when purchasing pond liners.


Bog Filters: How to build a Bog Filter

Ever wondered how to filter your pond without using a traditional filter? The answer may be a bog filter!


5 Benefits of a mechanical Air Pump

Ever wondered how to aerate your pond? A mechanical air pump is one of the best, most efficient ways to do this!


7 Pond Planting Tips

We have outlined a few tips you may want to consider when installing plants into your pond.


Fish Food: Tips on Feeding your Fish

Here we have outlined some tips on fish feeding which you may find useful. 


How can you stop wildlife from getting caught in your pump?

Your pond may support wildlife, like toads, frogs, and newts! But these may get drawn into your pump. Here, we have provided different methods to stop this from happening.


Pond Biofilms

Your pond may be suffering from a clear or iridescent film on the surface. Don't panic, it may be an easy thing to fix!


How long can fish survive without a pond pump?

See here for how to keep your fish safe when a pump stops working!


Pump Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble with pump? Look no further, we have provided a comprehensive guide to how to extend the life of your pump and how to troubleshoot faults.


Common Pond Discolouration Problems

Has your pond changed colour? Here, we have outlined some of the common reasons why it may have changed.


How to Oxygenate Ponds without electrical equipment

Does your pond need extra oxygen, but you don't want to use electrical methods? We have provided a comprehensive list of how to aerate your pond without electrical equipment.


Causes & Dangers of Low Oxygen in Ponds

Many things can cause problems in a pond, but lack of aeration is one of the most problematic dangers your pond can experience.


Signs of Low Oxygen in Ponds

Are your fish behaving oddly, or is the pond starting to smell? Do you always have algae problems? You might have low oxygen levels!

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Tips and Advice from the Blog

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