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Tips and Advice from the Blog


Winter Wildlife Sanctuaries

It may be quiet at winter in your garden, but you can still attract a wide range of wildlife to your pond in the colder months of the year.


Benefits of UV Filtration in your Pond

Keeping your pond free from algae and harmful bacteria can be difficult, but making sure your pond has a UV bulb is an important step in keeping your pond healthy.


Aerating your Pond in Autumn and Winter

As we move into Autumn and the start of Winter, you should start your preparations to keep your pond healthy until Spring. Purchasing an Air Pump will go a long way to preventing problems and keeping your pond healthy.


Seasonal Pond Maintenance Guide

Here we have provided a quick, easy to read guide on the general maintenance your pond needs throughout the year.


Autumn Plant Care

Autumn is an important time of the year to look after your plants. Starting now, you can prepare them so that they are ready for next spring.


Why Temperature plays a big role in Pond Development

If the weather is too warm, or too cold, this could have a negative affect on your pond fish. This has a very important impact on oxygen levels, bacterial growth, dietary needs of your fish and the pH of your pond.


Bacteria: The Importance of Healthy Bacteria

Bacteria in your pond plays a huge role in clarifying the water, improving fish healthy and reducing organic debris.


Autumn Pond Care

Now that Autumn has arrived, it's time to think about how you are going to maintain your pond.


Fish Food: When to Feed your Fish and What Food to Use

A lot of pond problems can be prevented through careful feeding; so knowing when to feed your fish, and what food is best, is crucial to keeping a pond healthy and clean.


How to Remove Chlorine from your Pond

Chlorine is a dangerous chemical for fish, alongside any Chloramines that are in your water. You will need to remove these chemicals before you put fish into your pond.


8 Common Pond Mistakes

Pond Maintenance can be difficult, as there are a lot of areas to consider. We have listed below 8 common pond mistakes which, if treated, can improve the quality of the pond.


Green Water and Slimy Algae

Green water is a problem that many pond keepers have to deal with, especially in the summer months. Algae can form fur-like growths on logs, rocks, and on the sides of the liner. These can feel slimy, cottony, or coarse.


Blanketweed: How To Keep It At Bay

You may be new to pond keeping or your pond may be in its twentieth year, but all of a sudden you might start to notice Blanket Weed invading your pond.


Pond Sludge: How to Prevent and Treat It

Sludge in a pond is a natural form of decaying organic debris. But if your pond has accumulated too much sludge, it can cause toxicity within the pond which can cause a whole host of other problems. So it is best to prevent the sludge from forming.


Your Pond at Night

Garden ponds can often be over looked once the sun goes down, but with a few simple accessories your pond will transform your garden into an incredibly atmospheric space.


Pond Lighting: LED, Halogen and Solar Lights

What type of lighting should I use for my pond? LED, Halogen or Solar lights? What's the difference? 


Aerating Your Pond In Summer

A lack of aeration can be bad in normal times; but the increased heat in the summer can make these problems much worse.


Summer Pond Care

Summer is a fantastic time for your garden; warmer weather, more sunlight and activity around your pond. But you will also see an increase in problems which you will need to resolve quickly.


The Importance of Wildlife Ponds and How To Build One

Why not update your garden with a small wildlife pond? These encourage natural wildlife by providing a safe space to rest, breed and eat. They are a wonderful addition to any garden.


Pond Liner Guarantees and Repairs

A faulty liner can be easily repaired. Check to see where the fault is, check your guarantee and find out if the fault can be repaired.

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Tips and Advice from the Blog

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