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Benefits of having a Garden Pond

Water adds a magical quality to a family garden or any outdoor space.

The sound and sight of running water brings movement to your garden, literally bringing it to life!

Some people are wary of the demands in keeping a pond looking its best but in our experience keeping a pond is no more difficult than looking after a traditional lawn or flower garden.

For instance by using hard landscaping around your pond you can create a contemporary garden and stop having the task of keeping the garden lawn mowed.

The visual delight of a shallow sparkling pool or a spouting fountain creates a real focal point and brings a garden to life, while the creation of a new natural habitat helps attract new wildlife to the garden.

garden pond
garden pond

Top ten living things you can find in your average pond

  1. Common frogs: typically found in eight out of 10 ponds.
  2. Pond snails: in about two-thirds of ponds you should see pond snails.
  3. Water beetles: there are 250 freshwater species in the UK.
  4. Zooplankton: tiny crustacean 'water fleas' that filter algae from the water.
  5. Damselflies: most likely to be seen is the large red.
  6. Dragonflies: common dragonflies seen in approximately a quarter to a half of all garden ponds.
  7. Mayflies: look out for the pond olive, the most widespread of our mayflies.
  8. Greater water boatmen: these predators recorded in a third of ponds.
  9. Caddis flies: A good sign of a high quality pond but are only found in about 10% of UK ponds.
  10. We have seven species of native amphibian in Great Britain but you're more likely to see common frogs, common toads, smooth newts and sometimes palmate newts in your pond if it's over 1-2 metres in diameter. The dragon-like great crested newt is a rare find and protected by law.

Ponds attract a large range of diverse wildlife into your garden.

Ponds provide drinking water for mammals, attract grass snakes looking for a meal and act as a public baths for many garden birds.

Water is an essential life source for all living things and by installing a pond you are helping to act as custodian for your own little wildlife universe

garden pond
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