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Benefits of UV Filtration in your Pond

Keeping your pond free from algae and harmful bacteria can be difficult, but making sure your pond has a UV bulb is an important step in keeping your pond healthy.


Why Temperature plays a big role in Pond Development

If the weather is too warm, or too cold, this could have a negative affect on your pond fish. This has a very important impact on oxygen levels, bacterial growth, dietary needs of your fish and the pH of your pond.


Bacteria: The Importance of Healthy Bacteria

Bacteria in your pond plays a huge role in clarifying the water, improving fish healthy and reducing organic debris.


Fish Food: When to Feed your Fish and What Food to Use

A lot of pond problems can be prevented through careful feeding; so knowing when to feed your fish, and what food is best, is crucial to keeping a pond healthy and clean.


8 Common Pond Mistakes

Pond Maintenance can be difficult, as there are a lot of areas to consider. We have listed below 8 common pond mistakes which, if treated, can improve the quality of the pond.


5 Tips Which Can Make A Big Difference To Your Pond

Are you looking for some tips on how to maintain a pond? Here are 5 easy tips which can make pond maintenance super easy.


Pond Snails

Are snails good or bad for your pond?


Customer Top Tips Round Up

We have compiled a list of our favourite top tips but I have to stress that we haven’t tested them out so if you choose to try them, it is at your own risk!


What To Do If Your Pond Freezes Over

Winter is a great time of the year; but what does it mean for your pond?


Garden Ponds and Heatwaves

Five things to consider when keeping a pond in hot weather.


Pond Cleaning

Pond skimmers and vacuums.


Joining two ponds together to make a bigger pond

Response to a customer problem who had already installed a preformed pond but wanted to make it bigger


Where should I build my pond?

Where is it best to dig my pond?

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