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PondXpert Eco Filter

11 June 2019
PondXpert Eco Filter
The ideal filter for ponds without electricity.

For the first time we are able to offer filtration for ponds that can be completely solar powered. This is really exciting for us as we have received so many requests over the years for something than can filter water in remote ponds that have no access to electricity. Of course, it also means that there is no or very little running costs. Plus, zero electricity use means zero environmental impact. 



The filter works by placing a solar powered pump at the bottom of the filter box so that it pulls all the water through the foams and biomedia (Zeolite or Gravel). The foams catch floating particles and the biomedia harbours good bacteria that helps the balance of your pond water.


There are two sizes to choose from depending on the size of your pond (EcoFilter2000 & EcoFilter 3000) and they are compatible with the 300-800 PondXpert SolarShower pumps.


Dual Use!

The pump can also be used to stop electric powered fountain pumps from getting blocked. The filter will capture pond debris and dirt before it reaches your pumps straining cage. This will save your pumps impellor form getting blocked and maximise the pumps lifespan.


It is worth noting that the filter isn’t designed for ponds that are heavily stocked with fish or that keep koi.


If you would like more information on the Eco Filter then please call our team on 01642 370888.




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