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05 October 2017
How can I remove chlorine from my pond?

How can I remove chlorine from my pond?

De-Chlorinator – This is a treatment that pretty much everyone will need when they start a new pond.  It should also be used whenever the pond water is topped up from the mains. 

Mains supply tap water contains a high level of chlorine which makes it safe for humans to drink, but causes harm to most aquatic life.  The majority of people will fill their brand new ponds straight from the hose pipe and therefore the chlorine levels need to be addressed before any fish are introduced.  There are two main methods for doing this.


Natural or Chemical?



The chlorine will naturally leave the water as it is exposed to the atmosphere and it dissipates into the air, particularly if it is being pushed around at a high rate by a pump giving it extra aeration.  


Pros: This treatment is Free

Cons: It does long time approx 6-8 weeks.  It does not remove Chloramines which is a commonly used substitute for chlorine.


There are lots of chemical treatments which target the chlorine and chloramines that bind with the chlorine and either remove it from the water or bind it up into harmless molecules. UV treatment will also help to speed the process up.


Pros: Treats both Chlorine and Chloramines, and works quickly = 24 – 48hrs

Cons: It can be expensive for a large volume

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