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Pond Calculator

sketch out the pondSketch out a plan of how you want the pond to look and calculate the width and length of your pond.

The diagram to the right shows a pond with a maximum length of 5 metres and a maximum width of 4 metres.

sketch out the pondThe final measurement you will need is the maximum depth of your pond, the diagram to the right shows a maximum pond depth of 1 metre.

Now for the technical part...

How to calculate the pond liner size

Liner length = max length + (2 x max depth) + 1 (for overlap)
Liner width = max width + (2 x max depth) + 1 (for overlap)

So for the example above

Pond liner length = 5+2+1 = 8 metres
Pond liner width = 4+2+1 = 7 metres

You'd need a pond liner that is 8 metres x 7 metres

We'll do the work for you

Enter your maximum pond length (in metres)
Enter your maximum pond width (in metres)
Enter your maximum pond depth (in metres)
Pond volume (in litres)
Pond liner length (in metres)
Pond liner width (in metres)

Get your Pond Liner

Find the correct size in the pond liners section.

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