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G4 Clear Pond Sealant 2.5 KG

g4 clear pond sealant 2.5 kg
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Product Description

The Best Pond Sealant Money Can Buy!br>

Concrete based ponds need the final render sealing to stop the water getting in and lime leaking out. G4 has been long established as the market leader for this task. You need 3 coats of clear G4 when you apply it to a pond. This is a total of 550g per square metre.


  • The amount of G4 you will need depends on the internal dimensions of your pond. For example lets say the pond is 3m x 2m and 1m deep.
  • 1) Work out the area of the bottom (in our example 3x2m = 6sqm).
  • 2) Find the area of one of the sides. then multiply by 2 to cover both sides (in example sides 1 = 2x1 = 2sqm x 2 = 4sqm)
  • 3) Find the area of the other pair of sides: (in example sides 2 = 3x1 = 3sqm x 2 = 6sqm).
  • 4) Add up sides and floor (6sqm + 4sqm + 6sqm = 16sqm)
  • 5) Multiply total by 550gsm = 16 x 0.55kg = 8.8kg
  • Leave for 45-60 minutes after first coat
  • Do not leave for more than 4 hours between coats
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Pond Keeper reviews

Feedback for Pond Keeper has been compiled from 2663 customer reviews

Date Product Score Customer Comment

PondXpert TripleAction 3000 5m cable


Service rating : tell people where the product is made
Product : chinese rubbish bulb lasted two weeks great to start clear water after bulb went down hill after isn't it surpose to last abit longer

PondXpert Pondpush Pond Pump 4500

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  • 9w UVC Bulb - BOGOF Deal

Service rating : The quality of the products and the dispatch was excellent.
Product : Great quality and what I ordered

PondXpert Skimmster Pond Skimmer

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  • PondXpert Solar Sublight - Single (FREE with voucher: 18DESP)

Service rating : Great product and works beyond my expectations for a bargain price
Product : Great product and works beyond my expectations for a bargain price

Moerings Pond Plants (2) In A Basket - Pontederia

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  • Moerings Pond Plants (2) In A Basket - Acorus

Service rating : A most enjoyable stay - can recommend the meals most highly
Product : Was welcomed warmly by the hosts ad had a pleasant stay

Hozelock Pond Vac With Collector Deal


Service rating : they sold me an absolute pile of CR*P. The pond vac looks in the picture like you can use it in shallow water and just have the tip submerged but you have to have the whole of the ********* head submerged and it wont work in depths less than 12 inches at least. Then when I tried to use it in deeper water it blocked instantly and it was impossible to get it open to unblock it. The water bag didn't actually get used as the lousy vac broke down but if it did it too would have been useless as the mesh is too big. The whole thing was a waste of money and they should know this and not sell it. I totally blame them for selling garbage to me. Now I have to go to the tip to get rid of it.
Product : This is a totally useless pond vac, From the images of a man using it, looks like you can use it in shallow water but you can't it needs to be at least 12 inches or more. Even then it leaks from the fittings and blocked within 30 seconds. I couldn't unblock it as it was impossible to open it up. If you buy this you are an idiot as you have been warned. The mesh waste carrier is also useless as the mesh is too coarse. The worst thing i have bought ever in my life!

On 03-Jun-2018 the supplier responded:
Good afternoon Mark,

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback.

I'm really sorry and surprised to hear that you're unhappy with the performance of your Hozelock Vacuum, this product usually gains excellent reviews.

Hozelock are a reputable manufacturer and we are proud to stock their products.

As per our returns policy we are happy to accept any item back that you are not completely satisfied with within the 30-day grace period.

Please get in touch on 01642 370888 to arrange for this vacuum to be collected and refunded.

Best wishes,


Customer Relations

On 04-Jun-2018 the customer added:
I had a problem with the pond vac , including it stopping working after 30 seconds. I didn't think it was worth the bother trying to argue for a refund and sending it back but Pond Keeper contacted me and offered a full refund saying that I am the exception. I am willing to accept that possibly I had a duff one and normally they are ok so perhaps I was being harsh. What I can say is if you buy one better get it from Pond Keeper!

See this exchange on Feefo

On 18-Jun-2018 the customer added:
Hi I returned the pond vac as you kindly offered some time ago but I have not yet received the refund. You suggested i should only return the pond vac and not bother with the net thing as it was too hard to disassemble and clean/dry out etc.

thanks Mark radford

See this exchange on Feefo

Hozelock EasyClear 3000 - FREE Hose Clips & Bulb


Service rating : Quick delivery,seems ok
Product : Great value,just what was needed

PondXpert Solar Water Feature Cascade with LED Terracotta


Service rating : Delivered on time and intact.
Product : Already ordered this product for my partner and she is very pleased.

Moerings Floating Pond Planter and Three Pond Plant

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  • 24w UVC Bulb - BOGOF Offer
  • Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb

Service rating : As always price and service from Pond Keeper is second to none. However, the same cannot be said for one of the products.
Product : The Moerings Floating Pond Planter and Three Pond Plant Kit is less than average with barely enough soil and gravel to half fill the floating container and the plants themselves were somewhat lack luster. I only manage to make one planter from the two and only after careful selection from the 6 plants, some extra gravel and a bit of tlc. Would not recommend this product and would advise to get your plants from an aquatic center where you can see the quality.

Blagdon Amphibious IQ 2250-4500 Pond Pump

  • Customer also bought: .... :
  • PondXpert Solar Sublight - Single (FREE with voucher: SPRING1)

Service rating : good price and very prompt service
Product : it works well does all it says on the box

15yr pondliner 5x5


Service rating : Got what i ordered, fast and efficient.
Product : Great product delivered fast.

Pond Fleece Underlay 7.5x7.5

  • Customer also bought: .... :
  • 7.5x7.5 Butyl Pondliner

Service rating : They were very responsive to my queries which ensured I ordered the items I needed with the correct meterage
Product : Good customer support, some instruction on best use of product would have been helpful

Reducing Connector 25mmx12mm

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  • Oase Fully Adjustable 'Y' Piece with Flow Regulators
  • 12mm Diameter Hose (5m Length)
  • 25mm Diameter Hose (1m Length)
  • 40mm Diameter Hose (1m Length)
  • 12mm Zinc Hoseclip - Pair
  • 25mm Zinc Hoseclip - pair
  • 40mm Zinc Hoseclip - pair

Excellent service, competitive prices

Blagdon Affinity Pond Half Moon Classic - (Medium)

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  • PondXpert Pond Protectors 20 Ring Pack

Service rating : Delivery on time. Well packaged. Good value for money.
Product is excellent apart from 1 small thing. The tension wire attached to the 3 feet could be better served by say a bar or something more permanent. We accidentally knocked the wire off whilst getting the pond in place. There is no groove on the legs for the wire to sit in. Just a small design fault I feel
Product : See above apart from a problem with the tension wire pond is excellent

Velda T-Flow Tronic 05


Service rating : First i have to say Pond keeper are an excellent company who are extremely helpful with a first class delivery service and price to match.

I bought the Velda T flow to help combat blanket weed. it does say, in the poor instruction you need 12 degrees for the device to operate. What they don,t say is, it will not switch on until you have 12 degrees. My pond (2400 gallons) is indoors in a double glazed conservatory so the water temperature heats up far quicker that a outdoor pond. Having read the spec on line I bought the unit because the thermostats in the pond read 12 degrees at the end of April. After fitting, the Velda switched on however after about 5 minute it went into standby, stating the temperature was only 11 degrees. It only switched on five days later once the thermostats in the pond read 13 degrees. Putting this to the company in Holland they agreed the velda may read + or - the degree stated in their instructions. Most blanketweed treatments will work at 10 degrees, barley straw bails can be put in any time you want. I wonder how the unit would cope with an outdoor pond as it will be much later in the year before it reaches the level the Velda t-flow will operate, which by then the pond will probably be choked with blanketweed.

After the forth day of fitting the velda I decide to use a chemical blanket weed killer
because i was going away for a week. Two weeks later the blanket weed appears to be thinning but i can not say weather this is down to the Velda T-flow or not. What i can say is before I fitted the Velda I had perfect clear water however the water at the moment appears to have a green tint despite having an UV filter and the Velda fitted. At this moment its confusing, if some one knows the answer please tell me as Velda them selves are very conservative in their replies.
Product : Since fitting the Velda T-flow 15 in the beginning of May, I have struggled with a constant water born mass of short lengths of blanket weed which blocks my pipework . I am servicing my pond every other day to keep the pipes clear. My pond is 2400 gallons and is filtered by a gravity feed system with the biological filter medium made up of japanese matting, designed to allow water to flow freely between the solid sheets by using 40mm strips of matting with a 40mm gap . This means it is less likely for the matting to become blocked. The return pump is rated to circulate the water once every two hours which has always been strong enough in the past. The problem I am experience with blanket weed is the first in 30 years of having the system, coincidently after fitting the Velda. What I did expect when I bought the velda, the pond would be rid of blanket weed completely but is definitely not the case fo me. Its to expensive to just "Bin" so I will give it some more time and keep my fingers crossed.

PondXpert EasyFilter 20000 Pond Filter

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  • PondXpert EasyFilter 20/30000 Foams (Set Of 2)

Service rating : I have dealt with Pond Keeper several times before over the past few years - they are one of the most reliable businesses that I have dealt with! Their prices are competetive and delivery reliable.
Product : Brilliant filter - my water is clean and the fish are very happy!

PondXpert 4 in 1 Pond Maintenance Set


Service rating : could not complete transaction online and had to phone up no problems after and good product arrived next day
Product : could not complete purchase on line and had to phone up ? amex .npo problems after and good product arrived next day

EasyPond 7000 Pond Pump & Filter Set


Service rating : Quick delivery and got everything that I ordered. Many thanks
Product : Quick delivery. My pond is now clear. Just what i wanted.

Moerings Floating Pond Planter and Three Pond Plant

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  • Moerings Lily In A Basket - Red

Service rating : Excellent. Young man I spoke to was very lnowledgeable, friendly and efficient.
Product : Lovely plants. Easy to prepare and will look vey nice in a few weeks.

Velda Fountain Jet Pump with LED

  • Customer also bought: .... :
  • Pond Liner 12x10m 40yr Plus Underlay

Service rating : I have brought a lot of items from pond liner , pumps ,filters etc and great quality and value for money . Cater for all needs from expensive to budget price but all great caters for all pockets . Quick delivery and always got good deals on .
Product : Great kit shame can't adjust force of jet . Would be nice to be able to adjust flow rate . Hence why 4 stars

PondXpert MightyMite Pond Pump 2000


Delivered really quickly. Had no problems fitting pump . Excellent service . Thank you

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