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Pond Liner Pond Build Stage M Pond Waterfall Section 2

07 May 2014
Pond Liner Pond Build Stage M  Pond Waterfall Section 2
We now had all of the waterfall building materials together on site. The task was to stabilize the waterfall with a concrete foundation then to design its appearance.

Initial construction of the pond waterfall had to be stopped when the spill stone at the base of the waterfall started to sink into the pond. It was clear that the weight of the waterfall would be considerable so we would need to make sure it was adequately supported. It was decided to construct a concrete base - this would be much larger than the spill stone so would have a significant amount of earth to rest on to keep it stable.


The first step was to dig out an area of earth to create a box where the concrete would set.

We made a quick trip to the builders merchant for sharp sand and cement (enough material for 2sqm of concrete).

An area of earth was compacted with the water kept at bay by a wooden baton. The concrete base was approximately six inches (15cm) deep with a slight angled run-off towards the pond so any loose waterfall water would return to the pond. Pond liner was then laid across the top of the foundation level in an attempt to prevent any lime leeching from the concrete into the pond. We were fortunate not to have to make any pond liner joins - the liner we initially laid had a significant edge that we could use for the waterfall.

The spill stone was carefully placed into position slightly overhanging the foundation block. Thankfully, this time the stone did not sink but stayed in position. The rest of the job was challenging but interesting. You kind of need to bring out the artist and engineer in yourself to create as natural a looking fall as possible. Each stone should butt up close to the other stones and be of a similar level as to those next to it to create a stable ‘step’ for additional stones. The spill stones (stones where you expect the water to fall directly over) need to match up with the effect you are looking for.

We got so 'lost' in this part of the project that we forgot to take any pictures (sorry!). Basically it's a case of laying out your waterfall rocks to decide how best they will fit together to create the final shape you think you are looking for. If possible the waterfall needs to blend into the landscape. For instance it helps if the waterfall is positioned next to higher objects - in our case a fence or wall. Imagine a flat field and how out-of-place a raised bed of rocks would look?

This is me after I had finished building the waterfall and led the flow from the filter to the top of the construction. If possible try to hide the water's point of entry to make it look as natural as possible.

Later we added a set of halogen pond lights to the fall. At nightime these created a spectacular display.


Many thanks for reading.....I hope this diary has provided you with help and inspiration to build your own pond!

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