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Pond Liner Pond Build Stage I – Pond Electrics

We wanted to run pond pumps and pond filters to create a pond filtration system. This means that we needed to get electrical power pondside. One route is to get a qualified electrician to do this work for you but fortunately for the DIY’er like me there are now some really great outdoor power kits available that make this job a breeze. Here we show you how easy it is.

04 August 2011
Pond Liner Pond Build Stage I – Pond Electrics

Introducing outoor power to the pond or garden takes a bit of thought:
- Where will the power connect to the internal supply ?
- How far is the internal supply point to the pond?
- How many outdoor devices do you want to power?

You will need to access your electrics from the outside. So first decide where you want to locate the internal 3-pin plug (add an electric rcd for safety) inside your house. Work out how far this plug is from where you want your outdoor junction box to be. This is the length of armoured cable that you will need. (Armoured cable is standard electrical cable sheathed in a near-impenetrable steel cover). We used a Blagdon Power Supply Kit 10m for our pond  (5,15 and 20m variations are also available).

Once you have drilled a 12mm channel through your wall you should feed through the ‘standard’ electrical cable which is attached to a plug on the inside. This has a connector (shown in the picture below) which carries the power into an armoured cable. The normal cable should be pinned out of the way with cleats against the wall so it is in no danger of being damaged. The armoured cable can be buried or run along a side of fencing. Once the armoured cable reaches the outdoor socket box it again is witched to ‘normal’ outdoor electrical cable which feeds into the outdoor socket box.

The outdoor socket box is perhaps the most familiar piece of outdoor power supply. It’s job is to distribute the power that you have supplied it with to pond pumps, pond UVC lights, pond lights and any other electrical items you need for your pond. We chose a 5-way Blagdon Remote Control Electrical Switchbox, this provided us with plenty of outlets with the benefit of being able to switch the electrical items on or off remotely from inside the house (don’t worry, you can still press a button on the unit itself if you have a habit of losing remote controls like me!).

 To connect items to this switchbox was easy. Simply expose the internal twin core cables on your electrical pond pump or electric unit. Then using a small screwdriver (provided in the set) attach this to the electric sockets provided. If you are comfortable wiring up a domestic 3-pin plug you will be able to do this. If you are not sure please ask another competent person or qualified electrician if possible.

We were now ready to add pond pumps and more....

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