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Pond Liner Guarantees and Repairs

A faulty liner can be easily repaired. Check to see where the fault is, check your guarantee and find out if the fault can be repaired.

04 March 2021

4 Ways To Repair Pond Leaks And Prevent A Swampy YardIf you see the surface of your pond falling, you should investigate quickly. This could be a sign of a faulty liner, hose or connections. A leaky pond cause big problems for your fish, so it is worth checking this out quickly.

Before purchasing a new liner, we recommend that you find the cause of the leak, check the guarantee on your liner to see if the fault would be covered under your warranty or find out if the fault can be repaired. Often, a repair is much cheaper and easier than installing a new liner.

Fish Ponds by Michael WheatFinding the cause of the leak

Often, ponds lose water due to a fault in your liner, hose or connections. The first step we recommend is topping up your water and turning off your equipment. This will identify if the fault is with your liner or hose/connections.

  • If the pond surface continues to fall, there is a problem with your liner.
  • If the surface of your pond remains static and does not fall, double check your hose or connections.

If your water continues to drain, then the problem lies with your liner. There are two ways in which you can proceed:

  • Allow the pond to be drained; when the water stops leaking, the leak will be just above the surface of the pond. Please check the liner above the surface of the water to locate the fault.
  • You can pour a glass of milk into the pond and, as the water is drained, the milk will be drawn to the hole in the liner. The milk is fish friendly and will not harm your pond.

Pond Liner Guarantee Details

The liners we sell are covered against manufacturing faults. While the faults are exceptionally rare, they could include a frayed edge or a faulty seam which may cause the water to leak.

These liners are not guaranteed against damage caused by tree roots, underground animals, pets, installation problems or accidental damage. Liners must be installed using a proper underlay; the liners guarantee is rendered void if you do not use any underlay.

Some of our liners also have varying guarantees; these are outlined below.

Flexiliner Guarantee

The liners are the same thickness regardless of the guarantee. The manufacturers have assured us that the product will remain stable for a minimum of 15 years up to 40 years plus, dependent on where it is installed.

We therefore must insure ourselves against anything lasting longer than 15 years as the guarantee rests with us. It is this longer guarantee period that reflects the price difference. Once more, the liner is the same thickness regardless of the guarantee you purchase.

The Flexiliner’s guarantee is void if installed outside of the UK; this is because the liner is not guaranteed to last in areas with higher UV radiation, like Southern Europe.

PVC Liners Guarantee

The manufacturers have provided different guarantees based on the thickness of the liners. 

The 15-year guarantee covers the 0.3mm thick PVC liner. Whereas the 30-year guarantee will cover the 0.5mm thick PVC liner.

Rubber Liners Guarantee

This guarantee will cover the EPDM/Greenseal, Butyl and Firestone liners.

The guarantee on the rubber liners is 40 years on liners up to 140 square meters. On liners over 140 square meters, this guarantee is reduced to 20 years.

How to make a claim under your warranty

If you would like to make a claim on your liner, please contact the retailer you purchased the liner from.

If we are the retailer you purchased the liner from, please send us an email with the following details:

  • Your full name, postcode, and address.
  • A message explaining the fault.
  • A copy of your invoice if available. (If purchased from us, we will have a copy of your invoice)
  • An image of the fault in the liner.

Types of Repairs

If you have managed to locate the fault in your liner, there are different repairs that you could use. The repair will depend upon the type of liner you have purchased.

Flexiliner, EPDM/Greenseal, Butyl, and Firestone Liner Repairs

Repair Patch Kit – These kits will include a length of our Cold Glue and a patch of liner. You can apply the Cold Glue and the patch. These patch kits will not work underwater and will only work with our Flexiliner and Rubber liners. This will not work with a PVC liner.

Repair Sealant – We sell a product called Hutton’s Gold Label Sealant; this is more of an adhesive that you can use to attach two parts of the liner together. It is primarily used when joining liners together. These sealants can also be used underwater and with various materials.

PVC Repairs

PVC Repair Kit – This repair kit will include a PVC-specific glue and a patch which can be used to repair your PVC liner.

How to Repair a Pond Liner

Repair kits should always be used on a dry liner where possible; while they can be used underwater, it is unlikely that the repair will last.

  • Locate the area to be repaired.
  • Apply the adhesive you are using, whether it is the Cold Glue adhesive or the Hutton’s Gold Label Sealant.
          • Warm up the Cold Glue by rubbing it in between your hands; this makes it more malleable.
  • Place the adhesive on the faulty liner and apply the patch kit.
  • Leave it to harden over 24-48 hours depending on the weather.
  • You may find it beneficial to sand the surface area before using the adhesive.

If you do need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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