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Pond Pumps

pond pumps Pond pumps brings movement to your pond. We stock every pump- all at lowest UK prices.

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4139customer reviews

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  • Fountain Pond Pumps
    Create a wonderful display with fountain pond pumps
  • Filter Pond Pumps
    All brands - Best Prices - Buy from the UK specialist.
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  • All in One Pond Pumps
    Pond pump, filter and UVC unit in one submersible Unit.
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  • Pump and Filter Sets
    Buy pond pump & pond filter together - Save 's!
  • Air Pumps
    Oxygenates your pond water - vital for fish & wildlife.
  • Solar Pumps
    Solar Power - the ultimate clean, free technology.
    Solar Sale Now On - These Low Prices are Unbeatable!
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  • Pump Accessories
  • Pressure Pumps
    Draper Submersible Pumps operate on a high pressure so are perfect for powering high waterfalls. Often called flood pumps or sump pumps you have found the best range at the lowest prices.
  • Feature Pumps
    Our Range of Water Feature Pumps is the best in the UK.
    Bestselling PondXpert FeatureFlow Pumps Now Available with 5m or 10m Power Cord Length - Your Choice!

Customer Favourites

King of pond pumps - FREE 40mm Hose (5m) and 40mm Clips (pair).
our price: 219.99
"State of the Art" solar Fountain Pump with Lithium Battery & LEDs.
our price: 39.99
Solar Fountain with Battery Back-Up and LEDs.
Quality 9V Lithium Battery.
our price: 49.99
NEW A pump where you control the flow.
From 4400lph to 9200lph.
our price: 169.99

pond building guide

Find everything you wanted to know about pond building but were afraid to ask in the pond building guide.



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Pond Pumps - What to Consider When Buying
When you are building a pond one of the most important parts is choosing the right pond pump.
It's a good idea to buy a pond pump to do a particular job - you can always operate more than one in your pond. If keeping expensive fish stocks consider buying a cheap reserve pump in case of mechanical failure.

Continue reading about pond pumps

The first thing you need to consider if how much water it is moving. When shopping for pond pumps you should get one that moves more water then you actually need. This will ensure that the water is flowing nicely, and even if you lose some power to the pump everything will be alright.

The next thing you need to consider is the design of your pond. Are you going to have a water fall or just a regular pond? If you are going to have a waterfall then you are going to need a pump that is much more powerful than one for just a simple fountain. Fountains do not require a lot of extra power, but a full scale waterfall will require one of the bigger pumps.

A pump is one of the most important pieces when it comes to the look of your pond. If you do not buy a big enough one the water will stagnate which can cause a mess and will ruin your pond. So when you get ready to build your pond, spend a little extra money and make sure you get a high quality pump that can handle the job.

Pond Liner Calculator

calculatorUse our pond calculator. This handy tool automatically calculates the size of liner you will need from your pond measurements.

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Pond Keeper reviews

Feedback for Pond Keeper has been compiled from 4139 customer reviews

Date Product Score Customer Comment

PondXpert Solar Shower 150 Pond Pump


Rubbish. Only works in full sun and therefore not much use in NW England. When it does work it's like spitting in the wind and the flow is useless. Also very flimsy. Would not recommend for any size water feature.

6w UVC Bulb - Buy One Get One FREE


Price with B O G O F meant each tube cost me a third of what I paid for my purchase last year

16w UVC Bulb - Buy One Get One Free


Works as expected. good buy.

PondXpert Cleanopond Vac & Discharge Basket


I have a pond that is above the patio, and bothgt this as a replacement for my previous cleanopond vac. thought the quality wa not as good abd th filters were not as fine. I amsure it will work OK for normal ponds buit for my pond it is not very good

On 23-Apr-2017 the supplier responded:
Dear Customer,

Thank you for your feedback.

Please call me at your earliest convenience to discuss this - I am sure we can work towards a solution.


Matt Anderson
01642 370888

PondXpert GreenStop Ultra 55 Stainless Steel UVC

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  • 55w UVC Bulb - Single end - BOGOF Offer

Good product works very well

55w UVC Bulb - Single end - BOGOF Offer

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  • PondXpert GreenStop Ultra 55 Stainless Steel UVC

Good price for spare parts

Superfish Air Box 4 - Pond Air Pump


Great value if a little noisy

PondXpert Blanket Weed Brush Set (PX0NETBWBRUSHSET)


This blanket weed brush is very good at picking up the blanket weed without disturbing the rest of the pond. The only problem is then removing the weed from the brush. This is why 4 stars and not 5. I am pleased with this brush but wish I could work out an efficient way to remove the weed from the brush.

Firestone Pond Liner 7.32m x 6.1m


Excellent quality, I know this will last me minimum 10 years

Flexiliner 3x3m 40yr - Free Underlay


Does the job and very good value

11w UVC Bulb - Buy One get One FREE

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  • PondXpert Blanketweed Beater Six BUY ONE GET ONE FREE

Good value, pond looking clearer

Pond Liner Fixing Tape (Cold Glue) 10m Roll

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  • 15yr pondliner 6x5

This tape is amazing! It was easy to apply and seems to be holding up in extremes of temperature.

PondXpert Easyfilter 4500 Quartz Sleeve


Good product dispatched promptly

PondXpert Blanketweed Beater Six BUY ONE GET ONE FREE


The product worked well in my pond, although the instructions for use were rather vague.

PondXpert SolarAir 200 Solar Air Pump


Solar aerator does what it says. In UK in April the panel needs to be oriented towards the sun in order to perform but otherwise its doing the job as expected

PondXpert Solar Shower 150 Pond Pump


Purchased this as a beginner to supplement a small water feature in the garden. It does require a good bit of sunlight to work properly which I expected after reading other reviews. The adjuster didn't seem to make much difference to the flow so I put an extra couple of holes in the head to prevent losing too much water as I was only using a small pot. Would be really nice in a little pond so good value overall.

15yr pondliner 4x4

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  • Basic Underlay 4x4

4m x 4m liner had a join in it. Disappointing as it is only small and not what I expected for such a small piece

Basic Underlay 4x4

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  • 15yr pondliner 4x4

I ordered 4m x 4m underlay. The underlay I received was 2m x 8m so I had to cut it and overlap it. Turned out Ok but this is not what I ordered or was told I would get.

PondXpert Blanketweed Eliminator


Early days, have tried 2 applications. It seems to have made a difference but I will persevere and try some more.

40yr pondliner 4x4

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  • Pond Fleece Underlay 4x4

Good quality, looks tough

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