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What should I be doing with my pond now?

09 March 2018
Preparation steps for your pond in March

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With Britain experiencing some severe weather conditions over the past few weeks, the summer months may seem a long way off. However, this stage in the pond calendar is all about preparing for our warmer months when your pond will see the most activity.

It’s an ideal time to repair any faults in your liner and make any adjustments. We offer a selection of pond repair kits should you need to patch any holes.

For many of your pond plants spring time is the ideal time to spilt them. The RHS website has a really useful guide for this. It is also a good time to consider repotting your plants if they have out grown your existing pots. Our guide on how to repot a pond plant may help you with this. Plants can often decline if they are left in plant pots that are too small.

An essential task for this time of the year is to clean out any sludge and debris that has formed over the winter. However, you must wait until your fish are out of hibernation as this would disturb the warmer water at the deepest part of the pond where they will be living. Cleaning the sludge and debris will help to keep blanket weed and water quality problems at bay as the temperature starts to increase.

If your filter has been turned off over the winter then now would be an ideal time to turn it back on to check the UV bulb for any running problems.  If your filter has been running throughout the winter then now would be a good time to give it an ‘MOT’ style check; clean sponges (in pond water), back flush sludge and check your UV bulb. Remember to take care with your O-rings when changing a bulb or opening a unit. You may find this link to our filter accessories page useful if you need to replenish.


These steps should get your pond off to a great start to the new season so you can reap the benefits during the long warm summer days.



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