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Six DIY Water Features

09 September 2017
If you’re feeling creative then these six DIY water feature ideas may ignite your imagination into dreaming up your own one of a kind water feature. You'll find a handy suggestion of products towards the end of the post to help your designs become reality.

1. Make Your Own Ornamental Water Feature

Firstly this tutorial will show you the basics so you can turn almost any garden ornament into a water feature.

Click on the image to see the tutorial. 


DIY Water Feature




2. Make Your Own Water Wall

For a striking contemporary feature click on the image to see the tutorial.


DIY Water wall tutorial




3. Make your own Teapot Fountain

Discover how you can make your own unique fountain by clicking on the image.


                 DIY quirky teapot water feature fountain




4. Make your own Bamboo water feature

For contemporary take on a traditional material click on the image.


                   Bamboo water feature Tutorial



5. Make Your Own Watering Can Water Feature

Learn how you can make your own version of this quirky feature by cliking on the image.


                               Watering can water feature tutorial



6. Make Your Own Canoe Water Feature

Lastly there is not a tutorial for this fun water feature, but once you realise that Canoes are waterproof, then it is just a case of filling it wilth water and plants then adding a little fountain such as the PondXpert TripleAction 3000.

Fun example of a Conoe water feature in a garden


If you're inspired to give any of these features a go then you may find some of these products helpful:


Water feature treatment to keep the water feature clean and clear   Solar powered kit to amek your own water feature            Pump ideal for pumping water to water features        12mm Pond hose ideal for water features         All in one filter, pump and UVC unit with fountain for your pond      



                               Junction box for outdoor electricity supply such as pond accessories                Waterproof sealer for concrete and rocks  Pond gravel for water features and ponds            Useful tape for waterproof security



If you do decide to take on any of these projects or even design one of your own then we would love to see some photographs and hear about your experience. You can email them to

As always if you would like to discuss any technical elements of your project with a member of our team you can reach us on 01642 370888.




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