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05 October 2017
What is a filter pump?

What is a Filter Pump?

Filter Pumps – Solids-handling pond pumps designed to run 24/7 for pushing dirty water to a filter, their high volume rate also makes them ideal for waterfalls.

What is a Feature Pump?

Water Feature Pumps – These are designed to draw water from lower levels (i.e., shallow reservoirs), are highly compact and run at low noise levels.

What is a Fountain Pump?

Fountain Pumps – Designed to produce attractive fountain displays.  This means they can not take dirty water as it will cause the fountain heads to become blocked.

What is a Pressure Pump?

Pressure Pumps– Submersible Pumps operate on a high pressure so are perfect for powering high waterfalls. Often called flood pumps or sump pumps.  

What is a Solar Powered Pump?

Solar Pumps – Powered only by solar energy, these pumps provide attractive water movement where the installation of electrics is not available (N.B. They only run in direct sunlight and are nowhere near as powerful as mains pumps)

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