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Pond Liner Pond Build Stage H - Adding a beach area to the pond

Once we had trimmed off all of the excess pond liner it was easier to see the real shape of the pond. Now final decisions could be made into aspects of the final pond design, the first being to add a beach area.

03 August 2011
Pond Liner Pond Build Stage H - Adding a beach area to the pond

You can see from this picture that we also used stone faced pond liner to create a 'beach' effect. This required a wider piece of stone liner fabric and we went for the widest option - 1.2 metre (4'). This was very easy to lay as it was heavy, however you need to make sure it is longer and deeper than the area you want to cover as it needs to be anchored. Without being held by a weight (slate chips in our case) the piece of liner would simply have slipped off the pond liner underneath and under the water!

Having a beach creates a natural 'finish' to the water edge. It is also great for wildlife and means that there is a safe area for wildlife (and children) to escape from the pond if necessary.

Once the beach area of the pond had been installed and the initial surrounding hard landscaping developed the pond was beginning to look pleasing to the eye. It was now time to consider how best to 'power' the pond, what would we use to ensure there was movement to the pond? How could we ensure that the pond water remained clean and healthy?

Finally, after much effort our pond was complete. I was really happy with the result. But I knew that as I wanted to add pond pumps and more to the pond i would need to somehow get outdoor power pondside. It was time to take a look at sorting out the pondside electric supply.

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