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Pond Lighting

05 October 2017
What type of lighting should I use for my pond?

What type of lighting should I use for my pond?

Pond Lighting

Pond Lighting allows you to enjoy your pond at all times of day and not just during the daylight.  It can create a great atmosphere to sit out in your garden, or provide a display in a public place.  They can also help with safety in an area where people might be walking after dark.  All lights (excluding solar) come with a transformer which is not submersible and should be kept out of the weather if possible.  This transformer will then lead onto a string of lights, with different sets having different number on.  This means that each set draws a different amount of power and therefore transformers cannot be miss matched.  It is most commonly the transformer that will fail on a faulty light set.

There are two main types of lights; Halogen, and LED.  These are the type of bulb which the lights use.

Halogen – These lights tend to give off more of a classic light glow and tend to be yellower light.  This a massive plus as they tend to appear a bit more natural and offer a softer lighting solution.  They do however need replacing just like any other light bulb and therefore can be troublesome in the long run.


LED – These lights use Light Emitting Diodes (LED)  These lights tend to give a more directed and whiter light which can look quite clinical.  They do however not really need changing, unless the bulb is physically faulty.

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