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05 October 2017
How can I get rid of my Blanketweed?

How can I get rid of my Blanketweed?

Blanketweed – This is probably the number one problem that pond keepers come across during the summer months.  Blanketweed is a filamentus / string algae and lays on the surface of the pond (although certain variants can be below the surface and attached to the side of the pond)

 When treating Blanketweed there are two main theories, either destroy or inhibit.

 The Destroy methods pretty much as it says on the tin, normally using bacteria the treatments literally eats away the algae. The other less common method is an electronic one which disrupts the calcium ions in the water which causes the algae cells to break up. 

Inhibit is based on the idea of preventing any further growth of the blanketweed which enables the customer to remove the present blanketweed by hand and not have to worry about any further growth.  These products tend to be based around hydrogen peroxide which is a natural extract found in barley straw.  This prevents the algae cells from forming and therefore prevents the blanketweed growing. 

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