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2017 Customer Top Tips Round Up

This season we have served a multitude of customers in our shop. Some have travelled miles from opposite sides of the UK, others have called in on their way to Scotland and Northumberland for holidays, while our friendly locals have continued to visit us. One of the most interesting parts of serving in the shop is hearing the fascinating tips that customers have picked up and developed over their years of pond keeping.


Duck Weed: Friend or Foe?

If you have experienced Duckweed in your pond then you may feel quite passionately about how much of a nuisance it can become over time. Once introduced it becomes very tricky to remove, so if you have experienced it once then you are probably still experiencing it! We regularly meet pond keepers desperate to rid their ponds of the tiny green plants, but from time to time we also meet individuals that want to introduce it to their pond environment.


Six DIY Water Features

If you’re feeling creative then these six DIY water feature ideas may ignite your imagination into dreaming up your own one of a kind water feature. You'll find a handy suggestion of products towards the end of the post to help your designs become reality.


The Quality of Your Pond Water

The water in your pond is going through a series of biological transformations constantly. In fact you could almost think of it as living. Understandably maintaining a decent quality of water is therefore an ongoing task, not only is it beneficial to the appearance of your pond but essential to the health of your fish.

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