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Fish Food: When to Feed your Fish and What Food to Use

A lot of pond problems can be prevented through careful feeding; so knowing when to feed your fish, and what food is best, is crucial to keeping a pond healthy and clean.


How to Remove Chlorine from your Pond

Chlorine is a dangerous chemical for fish, alongside any Chloramines that are in your water. You will need to remove these chemicals before you put fish into your pond.


8 Common Pond Mistakes

Pond Maintenance can be difficult, as there are a lot of areas to consider. We have listed below 8 common pond mistakes which, if treated, can improve the quality of the pond.


Green Water and Slimy Algae

Green water is a problem that many pond keepers have to deal with, especially in the summer months. Algae can form fur-like growths on logs, rocks, and on the sides of the liner. These can feel slimy, cottony, or coarse.


Blanketweed: How To Keep It At Bay

You may be new to pond keeping or your pond may be in its twentieth year, but all of a sudden you might start to notice Blanket Weed invading your pond.


Pond Sludge: How to Prevent and Treat It

Sludge in a pond is a natural form of decaying organic debris. But if your pond has accumulated too much sludge, it can cause toxicity within the pond which can cause a whole host of other problems. So it is best to prevent the sludge from forming.

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Tips and Advice from the Blog

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