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Pond Liner Pond Build Stage L – Pond Waterfall Section 1

One of the key elements to our pond design was the idea of a waterfall. We wanted this element to be the main focus of the whole water garden design. Having never built a waterfall before there were quite a few things to consider. Here is the first section of notes on how we built our waterfall.


Pond Liner Pond Build Stage K – Final choice of pond pumps and pond filters

After weighing up our options we now knew which type of pond pumps we wanted and also the kind of pond filter. There were just a few more issues to consider before we purchased our pond pump and pond filter set. Read on to see what we decided to do.


Pond Liner Pond Build Stage J – Working out Pond pump and Pond filter requirements

Now the pond build was finished I had to consider what pond pump and pond filter to use. Here is a description of the thoughts and reasonings I used to come to my final decision on a pond filtration system.


Pond Liner Pond Build Stage I – Pond Electrics

We wanted to run pond pumps and pond filters to create a pond filtration system. This means that we needed to get electrical power pondside. One route is to get a qualified electrician to do this work for you but fortunately for the DIY’er like me there are now some really great outdoor power kits available that make this job a breeze. Here we show you how easy it is.


Pond Liner Pond Build Stage H - Adding a beach area to the pond

Once we had trimmed off all of the excess pond liner it was easier to see the real shape of the pond. Now final decisions could be made into aspects of the final pond design, the first being to add a beach area.


Pond Liner Pond Build Stage G - Trimming the pond liner and finishing off

Okay, so your pond liner is in and your water has been successfully introduced….what next? As you can see from our own pond build there is a little bit of work to do to make everything look tidy. Time was spent considering how best to trim and edge the pond liners –here we show you how we got on.


Pond Liner Pond Build Stage F – Filling the pond with water

Once the pond liner has been installed its time for the fun part – filling it up with water. This is the final part of your basic pond build so do it right. Make sure you observe your pond regularly as it is filling so it develops into the design you want.


Pond Liner Pond Build Stage E - Installing the pond liner

Like most successful DIY projects – so far this pond build had been “preparation, preparation, preparation”. But now we get to the real deal – installation of the pond liner itself. Here we show step-by-step how we put in our pond liner from the initial unfolding to the pond being ready to accept water


Pond Liner Pond Build Stage D - Installing the pond liner underlay

After getting the surface of your pond build as smooth as possible it's time to line it with pond liner underlay. Believe us - after all the effort of excavating a pond it is a false economy to go without underlay. The weight of the water when it enters the pond will soon show up any groundwork imperfections - don't take the risk! here we show how our pond liner underlay was installed.


Pond Liner Pond Build Stage C - Smoothing the ground

Installing aond liner you must get the ground as smooth as possible. A pond liner underlay is always a good idea but here we look at other considerations we undertook when constructing our pond

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Tips and Advice from the Blog

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