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Showing articles for: July 2011


Pond Liner Pond Build Stage A - Digging the hole

Following research and planning the first stage of our pond build was to measure and mark out then dig the hole.


Pond Liner Pond Build Stage B - Shaping the pond

Digging out a pond needs a lot of energy and sometimes brute force. Once the main excavation has taken place you have the opportunity to get into the pond and shape it to exactly how you want it to look.


Butyl Rubber Pond Liners

The 'Daddy' of pond liners - but why is Butyl in decline as a pond lining material.


Stone faced pond liners and other pond liner finishing edges

When you install a pond liner pond you want it to look as natural as possible. In real ponds out in nature it’s hard to see where the pond ends and the above-ground begins – in garden ponds the transition between pond and the rest of the garden can be difficult. Here we investigate some options.


How to install pond liners

Pond liners are easy to install but here are a few pointers that will make the whole process easier for you.


Support your local wildlife - build a pond with pond liners

A pond or open expanse of water should be part of any good garden design. A pond liner pond is very easy to create, looks stunning and helps the environment.


Pond Pumps - An introduction and explanation of the main types

A pond pump is an essential piece of pond equipment. To a new pondkeeper the choice of different types may seem intimidating so here we try to explain the choice of pumps available


Doubling up on pond liner underlay - the concepy of the pond liner overlay

Pond liner underlay protects your pond liner from threats from below - what about threats from above? You can sandwich the pond liner between two layers of pond liner underlay. This second pond liner underlay is known as an overlap and this article looks further into the idea behind this process.


Installing a pond liner underlay

A guide to lining your pond with pond liner underlay


Pond Liner Underlay - a guide to geotextiles

What is pond liner underlay?


Pond Liner underlay - what about using sand, old carpet or newspaper?

Many customers have been told that it's best to use sand or carpet as a pond liner underlay. This article looks to see if there are any value to these claims.


Pond Liner Underlay - Why do I need it?

Guide to the protective benefits of installing a pond liner underlay


Joining two ponds together to make a bigger pond

Response to a customer problem who had already installed a preformed pond but wanted to make it bigger


PVC Pond Liners

A look into PVC pond liners and their strengths and weaknesses compared to ther types of pond liner on the market.


Flexiliner Pond Liners (LDPE)

Looking into the origins of LDPE to find out why this pond liner offers such great value for money over other pond lining options.


Flexible pond liners Overview

Flexible pond liners are the bestselling type of pond liner. Here we discuss their merits.


Preformed Ponds – Rigid Pond Liners

Flexible pond liners aren't the only choice. With a preformed pond you get the finished design - the only “off the shelf” pond liner option.


Concrete Pond Lining

A look at concrete ponds including fibreglass finishing.


The origination of pond liners – an investigation into clay pond lining.

Discussing why a pond liner is required and looking into the original pond liner method - clay


EPDM Pond Liners

EPDM Pond Liners are now the preffered rubber pond liner choice. We investigate further.....

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Tips and Advice from the Blog

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