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Pond Liners:

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Feefo Star Rating(4.9/5)
424 customer reviews

Pond liners you can trust - guaranteed! We specialise in pond liner and pond liner underlay - see reviews here!
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Flexiliner Pond LinersFlexiliner Pond Liners
Bestselling 3-ply pond liners available in 36 different sizes guaranteed for up to 40 yrs.
Half Price Underlay Offer on 40yr Liners
Rubber Pond LinersRubber Pond Liners
Butyl Rubber and Greenseal EPDM pond liners. Please allow 3-7 working days for delivery.
Blagdon Ultimate Lining SystemBlagdon Ultimate Lining System
PVC Pond Liner and Underlay Sale. Lifetime Guarantee. Extra Special Offer - 80% Off RRP.
PVC Pond LinersPVC Pond Liners
Heavyweight pond liners made out of PVC. Black, 0.5mm thick, guaranteed up to 30 yrs.
Firestone Pond LinersFirestone Pond Liners
1.02mm these are our thickest pond liners. Please allow 3-7 working days delivery.
Pond Liner UnderlayPond Liner Underlay
Essential to protect your pond liner. Our pond liners can only be guaranteed when underlaid.
Stone Faced Pond LinerStone Faced Pond Liner
Lay on top of existing pond liner to create a natural edge - perfect 'beach' for wildlife
Preformed Pond LinersPreformed Pond Liners
Rigid pond liners (also called preformed ponds) manufactured out of hard plastic or fibreglass.
Pond Liner AccessoriesPond Liner Accessories
Pond liner repair kits and joining tape
Concrete Pond AccessoriesConcrete Pond Accessories
Concrete pond sealer, reinforcement Fibres and putty

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Lowest Price Pondliners Guaranteed

We constantly check competitor prices and confidently believe that our pondliners offer you the best deal in the UK. However, in the unlikely event that you find pond liners available (of similar high quality) at a cheaper price elsewhere in the UK then please let us know. If your claim can be authenticated we will beat that price. (This offer excludes Ebay and other auction-site prices). Contact us at

Pond Liner Calculator

calculatorUse our pond calculator. This handy tool automatically calculates the size of liner you will need from your pond measurements.

Pond Liner FAQs

What are your pond liners made from?

Flexiliner Pond Liner Material and Construction
Flexiliner pond liners are manufactured out of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene). An ultra-tight weave of tough fibres is sandwiched between two layers of rot/UV resistant laminated coating. This means that the pond liners are tough and strong, yet still supple and flexible enough to easily move into position when pond building.

Are your Pond Liners as good as other types?

Flexiliner (LDPE) Pond Liners vs Butyl or PVC Pond Liners
There are a lot of pond liner materials on the market and we have tried them all. But listening to landscapers we know that one real advantage of our Flexiliner is that they are reinforced. The more uniform material of the other pond liners means that a tiny puncture or tear can run when the weight of water is introduced to the pond. This does not happen with our liners as the inner weave acts as a reinforcement grid within the pond liner. Try cutting a sample with a pair of scissors and then try to tear it apart with your hands and you will see what we mean! You can be reassured by the fact that our pond liners are now employed successfully in thousands of pond installations across the world. Each one backed by us with a long-life guarantee.

How can you offer such low pond liner prices?

Remarkably Low Price Pond Liners
The clever construction method we employ means that a pond liner made out of a less expensive base material can last for just as long as other, more expensive pond liners. Plus, due to our success we can manufacture vast bulk quantities of these pond liners and this too helps to keep production costs low. We pride ourselves in offering the lowest liner price in the UK and fight to keep this position. Despite a raw material increase this year we have not raised our prices and will continue to offer the best price possible.

Why do I need a pond liner/ What choices are there?

Pond Lining – The traditional approach
People have been creating water gardens for hundreds of years. Vast water expanses and lakes were created for the great country estates in 18th Century Britain by the likes of famous landscape gardeners such as Capability Brown. Then, as now, thought had to be given to the question of lining the pond so that the water couldn’t escape. Traditionally water was retained by puddling pools in clay before they were filled. This method is rarely used today as it’s a messy and time-consuming task and clay ponds can be subject to cracking during drought.

The modern water gardener has much more choice:

  • Flexible pond liners
    If you’re after more than 4 square metres of surface water and a choice of depth then flexible pond liners are the answer. The types available are typically Butyl pond liners, PVC pond liners and LDPE Pond Liners. All modern flexible pond liners will give good long lasting results. The LDPE pond liners manufactured for have the benefit of being reinforced – this means that any tiny punctures created by rogue thorns/stones will not stretch and rip through the pond liners when the weight of water is introduced.
  • Concrete pond lining
    There is the possibility of manufacturing the pond liner out of concrete and this method does create a very good long-lasting barrier. However, there is a lot of on-site mess and disruption and it is an expensive option.
  • Rigid pond liners
    Rigid pre-formed pools made out of plastic (typically HDPE) can be used as pond lining for smaller projects. However as they are molded into a pre-selected shape and size they are only worth considering if they match the dimensions of the project that you have in mind..
FeeFo Feedback

Pond Keeper - Pond Liners reviews

Feedback for Pond Keeper - Pond Liners has been compiled from 424 customer reviews

Date Product Score Customer Comment

15yr pondliner 4x3


does the job perfectly

Pond Fleece Underlay 6x6 (1 at half price)

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  • 40yr pondliner 6x6

Good thisck underlay, I got far more than I needed to cover my pond

40yr pondliner 6x6

  • Customer also bought: .... :
  • Pond Fleece Underlay 6x6 (1 at half price)

1st one had a fault, second one seems perfect

Medium Pond Liner Repair Kit - 50x50cm Flexiliner Liner piece & 3m Cold Glue

  • Customer also bought: .... :
  • PondXpert Sublight 20w Pond Light - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE
  • Velda Pond Plant Sock large - 15x80cm

Does the job

Firestone Pond Liner 6.1m x 6.1m + Half Price Fleece

  • Customer also bought: .... :
  • Pond Pyramid Shelter Net

easily fitted and not leaking. A slight disappointment is some white numbers have appeared on the liner under the water line - water must have dissolved some black/grey coating. Will have to hide with some strategically place pond plants. Not a disaster, but not ideal neither.

PondXpert Stone Liner 0.4m x 1m Classic Stone

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  • PondXpert Solar Shower 150 Pond Pump


15yr pondliner 4x3

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  • Blagdon MiniPond 700 Pond Pump
  • 15yr pondliner 6x3

Great fast service and competitive price

15yr pondliner 6x3

  • Customer also bought: .... :
  • 15yr pondliner 4x3
  • Blagdon MiniPond 700 Pond Pump

As Above

Pond Fleece Underlay 7.5 x 6

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  • 40yr pondliner 7.5x6

No worries with product

40yr pondliner 7.5x6

  • Customer also bought: .... :
  • Pond Fleece Underlay 7.5 x 6

As Above

PondXpert Stone Liner 0.4m x 1m Classic Stone


Brilliant product that adds the final finishing touch.

6x4.5 Greenseal Pondliner


Can't comment on the quality of the product as it has not been used yet.

Pond Fleece Underlay 3x3

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  • 40yr pondliner 3x3

Very good and did the job well

40yr pondliner 3x3

  • Customer also bought: .... :
  • Pond Fleece Underlay 3x3

Very good can strongly recommend

40yr pondliner 8x3

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  • Draper 7200lph Pond Pump - DRSWP120A
  • Pond Fleece Underlay 8 x 3

excellent next day service

Pond Fleece Underlay 8 x 3

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  • 40yr pondliner 8x3
  • Draper 7200lph Pond Pump - DRSWP120A

As Above

Blagdon PVC Pond Lining System 3m x 2.5m


very good. exactly as advertised

15yr pondliner 8x8


Exactly as stated

3x3 Greenseal Pondliner


Not used for lining a pond but to act as a weatherproof curtain to my garden workroom - easy to work with and good value for money

Pond Fleece Underlay 7x5.5

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  • 40yr pondliner 7x5.5

Haven't used as yet but looks ok

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