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Oasis Flocor Filter Media BULK


Our Price Only: 119.99

RRP: 122.99

Manufacturer: Oasis

Availability: none in stock.

This product is currently out of stock

Replacement filter media

Over time filter media can get so badly sludged up then it's worth considering starting afresh.
If a filter has been removed from a pond system for some time then the bacteria will die - again replacement media should be considered.
Can also be used if constructing your own DIY filter.



  • Massive 1/4 cubic metre bag - enough to fill a large koi filter bay.
  • Flocor media is multi-surfaced meaning friendly bacteria can easily colonise it and thrive.
  • Used successfully for many years.

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Installing your first pond? Our pond building guide will give you a clear route through the technical maze.



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Pond Keeper reviews

Feedback for Pond Keeper has been compiled from 4384 customer reviews

Date Product Score Customer Comment

PondXpert Filtobox 6000 + FlowMaster 3500 + 5mx25mm Hose + clips


Service rating : Delivered on time, good value for money, great customer service.
Product : Pond was very dirty, due to 13 pet ducks, but is beginning to clear after a week. Pump is ideally suited to this filter.

PondXpert Sludge Shifter 6 pack - BOGOF Offer


Service rating : fair priced goods and excellent srevice
Product : clearing the blanket weed great and the fish are healthy I will by it again

Pond Fleece Underlay 4x4

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  • 4x4 Greenseal Pondliner

Quality product delivered within just 2 or 3 days

PondXpert MultiChamber 36000 + 36w UVC + 15000 Pond Pump



4 Way Outdoor Switchbox


Service rating : Excellent service , they will go the extra mile to help a customer. I was very impressed and I intend to use pond keeper for my future pond needs.
Product : did the job '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

PondXpert Variflow 10000 Pond Pump


Service rating : Very prompt and well packaged delivery.
Product : Just bought the PondXpert Variflow 10000 Pond Pump after investigating my horrendous annual electricity usage (about 25/month). Previously I had purchased one of the Hozelock Aquaflow 12000 lph pumps which was rated at 130w, but when I tested with a power meter it was nearer 150w and in use 24 hours a day.

Until lately I had always taken the view of more power is better, but in fact ended up throttling the Hozelock pump down using valves and a rotatable flow restrictor to slow the flow through the filter and UVC. In hindsight what a terrible waste of energy!

I have just installed this new Variflow 10000 pump and really like it. When first turned on it very smoothly increases its speed to max which on my model is about 9200lph. You can adjust its speed very finely in percent from 30-100% using the finger-light touch buttons. The display changes to show the % value and you can adjust in 1% increments using the plus/minus buttons (not 23 steps as the instructions suggest, maybe its been improved?).

The Pause button instantly stops the pump and shows OFF in the display. The other thing I really like is the display constantly updates to show actual power usage of the pump in Watts. This was precise in accordance with my own power meter.

The lowest speed used ONLY 15 Watts, just a tenth of the power I was using with the old non-speed adjustable pump!!! Adjusting to the speed I usually like for my filter needed only 18 watts!! Wow this pump will save me and pay for itself in about 8 months, compared to the money I've been pouring down the drain! I can use higher speed in summer, and minimum in winter.

Very pleased (although the real test is to see what its long term life span will be).

PondXpert Filtobox 6000 UVC Pond Filter


Service rating : Good service not the product
Product : It leaks at he top of the lid there is no proper seal

On 29-Jun-2016 the supplier responded:
Dear Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback.

If you are satisfied that the lid is seated correctly to the main body, I would advise that you take a couple of handfuls of bio-media out from the bottom of the filter and push the filter foams further down - they are often overstocked in these models.

Alternatively a bit of Vaseline around the seal will do the trick.

If you would like to talk through this in more detail, please do not hesitate to give me a call.


Matt Anderson
01642 370888

40yr pondliner 8x7

  • Customer also bought: .... :
  • Pond Fleece Underlay 8x7 (1 at half price)
  • PondXpert FeatureFlow 4000 Feature Pump
  • 20mm Dia. Hose 5m length

Speedy delivery, very pleased with products, although somehow the liner and underlay were twice the size I calculated using the site calculator. However, have used it double, so no real problem.

Pump faulty - kept tripping, but a call to you produced a replacement in three days with no quibble - superb service !

Wildlife Marginal Plants Pack of 6 (9cm Pots)

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  • Red Lily - ''Attraction'' Nymphaea (Live Plant - 1L Pot)
  • Barley Straw Pads - BOGOF OFFER
  • Ubbink Medium Square Planting Basket 25x15cm - 3 Pack
  • Ubbink Small Square Planting Basket 20x10cm -3 Pack
  • OXYGENATOR Plants Pack of 6 (9cm Pots)
  • Hozelock Large Universal TEE Piece

Prompt delivery, although carriers were less than careful in their handling - plants were all tumbled about in the box, but without a great deal of damage.......

Dispatch note a bit confusing - saying Lily would not arrive until next year - but was included !

Superfish Air Box 4 - Pond Air Pump


Service rating : Have no problem recommending these guys , great service, great prices, with a good customer service should any problems arise . Had a problem with a couple of faulty airstones but was sent 4 new ones with no quibble .will use again
Product : Great price and works as well as the more expensive items ,had a couple of faulty airstones but was sent 4 more to replace them without question .

Pressurised Pond Kit 4500 Litres

  • Customer also bought: .... :
  • Atlantis Single Step Pond Waterfall
  • 25mm Zinc Hoseclip - pair
  • 25mm Dia.Hose 5m length
  • PondXpert Sublight 20w Pond Light - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

Service rating : Excellent choice of products, good value for money. Quick delivery
Product : Great kit, just what we required. Saved money on buying everything individually.

EasyPond 7000 Pond Pump & Filter Set

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  • PondXpert Blanketweed Beater Six BUY ONE GET ONE FREE

Service rating : Order was on time and installed same day
Product : Really good product as the label says

Oase Pondovac Classic FREE Gloves + P&P


Service rating : Quick delivery, item as ordered
Product : 4 out of 5, takes longer to clean the pond than expected as the vac stops to empty and then restarts. Expected it to be similar to ordinary vacuum.

PondXpert Greenstop 9000 UVC - 11 Watt


Service rating : Easy to navigate around the site, plenty of useful information and a wide range of products at very good prices. My item, a clarifier arrived well-packaged and on time.
Product : Easy to install, working very well. My pond is about 6000 Ltrs so this is well on top of the job, I can now see the bottom of the pond, the water is so clear.
The PondXpert comes with a very long electric cable which I could have done with being two or three metres shorter bu t I am very pleased with the performance.

Nishikoi Clear Waters Blanketweed Treatment


Service rating : Delivery was very fast. Would recommend and use company again.
Product : Have used product twice as directed and can certainly see a difference. Pleased with the results so far.

On 27-Jun-2016 the supplier responded:
Dear John,

Thank you for taking the time to leave such amazing feedback!

We look forward to helping you again in the future.


Matt Anderson
01642 370888

Barley Straw 3 Pack


ordering process fine - I was offered delivery choice and said parcel should be left by front door if out. However courier did not take note of this, insisted on signature - I was out, so he took it away, and as I don't have mobile or home computer I had to phone Pondkeeper to ask when next delivery would be attempted. I appreciate that in some areas leaving at the door is unsafe, but it quite safe where I live and ridiculous to have to stay in to provide signature for parcel costing less than 30 - customer should be given choice, and courier selected who can take account of choice.

I would buy from Pondkeeper again, but would be wary unless they improve delivery details.

PondXpert TripleAction All in One 3000


Service rating : Excellent service quick delivery thank you
Product : Working well easy to fit good quality

8w UVC Bulb - BOGOF Deal


all fine and dandy!

7w UVC Bulbs - BOGOF Offer

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  • Tetra Variety Sticks Pond Fish Food 600g

Service rating : I would certainly use them again and recommend them to anyone. Good prompt delivery and packing good.
Product : Good value as it is buy one get one free.

Fish Mate Pond Pump 2000


Service rating : Very competitive prices, very friendly and helpful people and very quick delivery of my Fish Mate 2000. I will certainly shop with them again and highly recommend them.
Product : My second Fish Mate the previous one was a 7000 which I had for 10 years. But that was for a much
bigger pond and waterfall, this 2000 model is for a 200 gallon pond and 10 ft X 1ft 3 inch waterfall
and is perfect for the effect I wanted I'm delighted with it. Highly recommend.

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